Deep Gray & White Modern L-shaped Desk with Height Adjustable Side

$ 1,165.00 $ 1,852.00

Bestar just released this intelligent configuration, which allows you to sit or stand as you see fit. You can raise and lower the height adjustable portion of the desk, and sit and work for a while at the standard, single pedestal desk.  If lowered, the desk can act as a traditional L-shaped desk as well.  The pedestal includes two utility drawers and a file drawer that locks, and the pedestal can go on either side of the desk you prefer.  All surfaces are coated in melamine to prevent scratching or staining, and the unit comes with a 10 year warranty!  If you need more space for files, add on the optional matching lateral file.

The desk's dimensions (as pictured) are 71.1" W X 71.1" D X 29.7" H. The height adjustable portion goes from 28-45" in height.  The dimensions of the optional matching lateral file are 28" W X 19.5" D X 30" H.