About Us


Quality products at great prices with INCREDIBLE customer service...




ComputerDesk.com specializes in three things
1. Offering only the highest quality products (and eliminating any products our customers don't like from our site).
2. Offering you the best prices possible, and working with your budget as much as we can.
3. Providing the best customer service you will find anywhere, period.

(Check out our testimonials to see a sampling of those who have appreciated our service)


First and foremost we are a small family business, and it's our full time job to serve our customers through this site.  We are based in Florida and Maryland but we ship from warehouses all over the US and Canada to get you products as quickly as possible.  We have been running this site for about 4 years and continue to specialize in meeting our customers' needs, whether they want one desk for a small apartment or 20 desks for a new office.

We know what a difference the right furniture can make for your productivity, comfort, and the look of your home or office.  We will do whatever it takes to help you find the right piece or pieces of furniture for you,
because we are literally only in business to serve our customers.  Our customers can go lots of places, but they come back to us because we do whatever it takes to serve them well.  We hope we're able to serve you!