The drinks to have at your desk

Amanda Mull recently wrote an article at the Atlantic about the ideal beverages one should have at their desk during the work day. Giving a nod to the "rule of three" and some preliminary research done by Kurt Carlson, she suggested that each person should have three beverages at his or her desk: water (for hydration), coffee (for caffeine), and a third "fun" beverage choice (like juice or even alcohol).

We can attest to the fact that sitting at even the nicest desk all day can get monotonous, and having drinks or snacks handy to keep you going is a huge boost. While we sit and add products, or help customers with orders, having water and coffee (and snacks!) handy really helps us continue to give our best throughout the day.

One other thing we try to do is switch off between our primary desk and our standing desk, to give our bodies a chance to stand for a while and get the blood pumping. Perhaps you could have coffee at one desk and water at the other desk. Or in the case of snacks, you could have nuts at one desk and a dark chocolate bar at the standing desk (as a bit of a reward for standing).

Whatever helps you keep going - and helps you stay both healthy and productive - is a great thing.

We hope you are able to find the furniture you need, the drinks and snacks you need, and the balance you need to be the best worker possible.

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