Coronavirus & Office Furniture

With the cultural shifts occurring due to Covid-19, the office furniture industry is exploding with sales for getting home offices set up. We are seeing a large influx of sales for small office desks, and our manufacturers are so overwhelmed they cannot keep up with the demand.

We tell you this for two reasons:

1. Please be aware that when ordering furniture right now, it is likely there is a wait for your product to ship out, even if it is in stock. This is due to two main reasons: first, the warehouses are limited on how many staff they can have working due to Covid-19 limitations or company policy during this time. Second, there have been so many orders (thousands per week in the case of several of our warehouses) that they simply cannot get all the orders picked and shipped quickly. So even if an item is available, it might take 2 to 3 weeks for your order to work its way to the front of the line and ship out.

2. Please know that an item may come back into stock one day and then go out of stock the next. That's how fast these items are selling. Particularly small desks are selling out so fast that it is impossible for the factories of the manufacturers to keep up with the demand. One of our products come into stock the other day with over 400 units. Every single unit sold out within 2 days.

These facts ought to just remind us all that this is a crazy time, and the best way to get through it is to be patient and understanding. We are trying to remain understanding of our manufacturers and warehouses as they work through the orders, and try to keep up with demand. And we ask our customers to be patient with us and all of them as well, and know that we will do everything in our power to serve you well - and as quickly as possible. But it is just a time when everyone is limited in what they can get done.

We are thankful for any chance to serve you, and please email us with any specific questions and we'd be honored to help. Blessings to you for health and hope during this time.

Kevin, Manager

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