Mobile Workstations

What’s on your desk right now? Your computer? A printer? Piles and piles of papers thrown everywhere? An abundance of cords from all of your electronics? And limited space to work? Everything is disorganized and you can barely keep yourself straight making it nearly impossible to work effectively. We have the solution to all of your problems: invest in a mobile workstation.

Vertico Modern Transportable Laptop Desk in Woodgrain or Graphite

Don’t mistake this small desk’s size for its functionality. This type of concise and compact desk will fit anywhere you need and its mobility will be a feature that you will not know how you lived without. A desk on wheels will be the next big thing in the office! No longer will you have to go through the trouble of carrying all your stuff to another co-worker’s cubicle to collaborate with them, now simply wheel your workstation there and have everything you need right at your fingertips. Without a mobile workstation it is nearly impossible to move your stuff around the office easily and quickly; this is your only option.

In today’s world it is impossible to complete a workday without a computer, and with that: printers, scanners, and fax machines are also essentials. Mobile workstations can put all of these elements into one organized desk. Anthony Villareal, reporter for PCTechNotes (full text here), explains that these workstations optimize your space by providing racks, shelves, and storage space to support the desk essentials. With this type of set up, space is maximized and organization is inevitable; thus increasing productivity and effective work. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are beginning to implements mobile workstations to increase efficiency when dealing with patients. 

Now I know what you’re thinking: your computer is going to die. However, Christine Wheeler, reporter for the Mobile Workplace Power Blog (full text here), states that the day of extension cords are done. Some of these mobile workstations have integrated power supplies to fuel your computer all day long. Not only do they power your devices, but also with new technologies, the facility’s software can be joined with the workstation to create specialized stations, such as a printing station or shipping and receiving station. 

Mobile workstations are the answer to producing a work environment that facilitates collaboration. The ability to have everything in one place and to move around the office with ease allows co-workers to work together in the office. This is the time to convert to this style of office furniture, you won’t regret it!

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