2022 Trend Series: Bringing a Touch of Home into the Office

As offices slowly transition back into in-person workplaces after the chaos of Covid-19, many employees find that there is just something lacking about the corporate office…. That touch of home.

When working from a home office, employees often work from a comfortable place, such as the sofa, and are surrounded by the accoutrements that make a house a home. Little touches like flowering houseplants, cozy blankets, a coffee maker close at hand, pillows, these each make the home office a perfect place to work all day. The extended ability to have a comfortable working area prevents the abrupt change back into the daily grind from being daunting to many employees.

So the question becomes: how does a corporate office feel just a bit like home?

The solution can be as simple as investing in a few comfortable chairs! The button-tufted and cushioned chairs available here are extra plush, giving that perfect snuggly armchair flair. Tuck a few pillows into benches or sofas in public spaces, and put a deep pile wool rug underfoot for that extra bit of cozy comfort. Check out the handmade rugs available for some beautiful designs!

For a more in-depth remodeling, soft colors and green spaces (more on both of these topics coming soon!) mixed with open desks that give a solid side for security, like the one below, can create an open-floor design that does not sacrifice privacy.

 Walnut Gray T-Desk with Built-in Bookcase

Check out the above desk here!

Even simpler desks can frame a private area through the addition of bookcases, privacy screens, an aquarium, or a green wall.

Speaking of which, adding live plants, a vivarium, or an aquarium to a workspace creates interest, a way for employees to take a short break, and aids in promoting a calming atmosphere. Called Biophilic Design, this trend is pointed out by Furngully, Haiken, and Posturite as a simple mood and atmosphere booster. The addition of soft blues and greens provided by these plants and aquariums also shapes a soothing counterpoint to the bustle of an office, and provides a natural sound dampener for employees.

Finally, to add just a last bit of warmth to the office, consider adding a small coffee area, where employees can brew a cup of coffee and sit for a small meeting. This area could be easily structured onto a credenza or even a small desk! Take a glance at our selection of Credenzas and Small Desks for ideas! The finishing touch to this design is to have small, collaborative meeting areas nearby where employees can brainstorm and work in small groups, allowing for speedy discussions without the need for a formal conference area. Some of these smaller meeting tables may even fit the bill!

Whatever the original design of a corporate office, it is fairly easy to integrate small touches of home, the warmth and cozy feel that so many employees have enjoyed over the past two years, into the business setting with great success.

As time goes on, we will all find how the workplace of the future has drastically changed, and how we must change with it, moving from crisp, formal spaces to warm, inviting nooks.











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