Sit-Stand Desks Taking Over!

We just went to another furniture convention called NeoCon to check out some potential new manufacturers to do business with and add to our site.  One thing stood out, and that is the transition away from typical office furniture (wooden with drawers) toward clean, modern designs.  Within this shift was the surprising fact that 75% of the potential new manufacturers we spoke with were featuring sit-stand desks in their booths!  They came in various designs and looks, but this is a shift that is only gaining steam.  People want the opportunity to stand up and work for a while to help with blood flow and comfort and health, and these desks enable that.  So our plan is to add many new sit-stand desks to the site over the next couple months.  Be on the lookout!  If you want to see what we have listed now, here are our standing desks.

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