New Bike Desk is Out!


We have been saying for a while, after the great success of our treadmill desk, that someone needed to create a bike desk.  I even wanted to design one (but no way do I have the time!).  Anyway, someone finally came up with the bike desk, and it's not just an entry level option.  They have created an incredibly high quality option, including:

-an extra padded seat with 19 different height positions

-an automatically height adjustable desk that will fit users of any height between 4'10" and 6'8"

-a helpful central console where you can adjust your resistance and see your calories burned, etc.

-a Bluetooth enabled system that automatically downloads your workout information to the associated app, so you can track your progress over time

-a wire management area for your cords to keep them out of the way

And much more!

Check out and buy this desk here!

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