Damage... Happens

It's one of the most frustrating parts of this industry, but damage happens.  When you are shipping furniture across the country (or even across a state), damage can occur.  With the manufacturers we use, who go above and beyond with packaging their products well, it is rare.  But when you entrust a desk to a carrier, you cannot keep a camera on the shipment and make sure they treat it with care--although that would be nice!  So boxes get dropped, or folks are rough with it, or trucks hit big bumps in transit--whatever.  And damage happens.

But here's the thing: you don't have to be afraid of it.  If your desk shows up damaged, we'll take care of you.  If a part or parts are damaged, we'll replace them quickly so everything is good to go.  If the whole unit is damaged we'll get a new one out to you.  You might have to wait a few days while the replacement desk or parts get to you, and we do regret that inconvenience.  But we will take care of you and make sure everything is perfect.

What can you do if you received a damaged desk?  First, if it is clear that the box has been beat up or you can see damage when the desk arrives, you can refuse the delivery.  Simply don't sign for it, and tell them you refuse the delivery due to damage.  This takes care of a lot of damage issues, because you never took possession of the desk and then had to wait for parts or a new unit.  It helps speed things up.  Second, if you have received it, save everything--the box, the packing materials, and all parts (including the damaged ones).  This will help if a claim must be made.  Finally, take pictures of the damage--from close up, far away, etc.  This documentation will really help us to show the carrier what was damaged and get them to cooperate quickly in replacing the damaged parts.

At times replacing damaged parts can be a long process, especially if the above steps are not followed, but remember this: if you order from us at ComputerDesk.com, we will serve you as well as you can be served and will get you what you need as quickly as possible.  We are passionate about customer service and hope we are able to meet your needs...


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