Modern Computer Desks Can Transform Your Space (without breaking your bank)

There are so many great office desk options out there, and as a professional in this area let me just encourage you to stay away from the cheap, poorly made versions!  You can get a functional office desk for under $100, but if you buy one of these pieces it certainly will not last you.  I have seen hundreds of modern, sleek office desks in my line of work selling office furniture, and many of these desks will totally revolutionize your office space.  Most have clean lines, are more simple than bulky, and are made of premium, quality materials.  These desks can bring a fresh, modern look to your office, whether at your work place or at home.  Here are three rules to follow when looking for that perfect office desk.

1. Don't buy a desk that is overly small.

Buying a very compact desk can serve your needs well, especially in small offices, but what happens when you get a larger office?  And what happens when your work load increases and you need more space?  Further, often "small" in the office furniture industry is code for "poorly made."  Here is a picture of a desk I found on Amazon that is a perfect example.

This may look like a great option, but it's not.  You will not have enough desk top space, nor will this stand up to daily use.  Avoid very small units like this.

2. Don't buy a desk with too many drawers and compartments.

Having too many drawers and compartments is asking for a desk to break down and fall apart.  Desks like the one below often invite you to have to replace your unit within a year or two, because one of the drawers or compartments is sure to break or become non-functional.

Instead, buy a desk that is "cleaner", more modern, more "airy."  This will often mean less compartments and drawers, so you'll have to find another way to store your files or office items (perhaps through a side lateral file or bookcase).  But a desk like this one will stand up to daily use much better.

3. Buy a desk that is maybe a little "more modern" than even your style currently is.

As you know, style changes.  So don't buy an office desk that is maybe a little more "old school" than you like, because in 5 years it will be "ancient school."  Buy an edgy, modern piece that maybe looks a little cooler than you.  This will ensure that it is cool for years to come.  I would recommend going with tempered glass tops or lacquer tops, as these are about as edgy as desks come right now.  These will be "in" for several years.  When dealing in business environments where you might be meeting with clients or customers, it can definitely speak volumes to have a sleek, modern desk where you sit when they meet with you.  Having a large, old-style wooden desk can speak to them that you are "stuck in the past."  So push yourself, and go modern.  You can do so without breaking the bank.

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