Trend: Emergence of Sit-Stand Desks

Recently I have been getting many questions about whether we offer any sit-stand desks, or standing desks.  If you've never heard of such a thing, they are desks that are adjustable, so that you can sit for a while and work and then stand up.  It is a new trend that is becoming more and more popular lately, enabling people to avoid sitting and working at their computer all day every day.  The ability to stand and work, without leaning over to reach your computer, is a great bonus and an excellent solution to the ergonomic issues faced when sitting all day.

We have been keeping our eyes out for sit-stand desks that might work for our customers, and we have just released our first two.  They are both very nice units by a premium manufacturer, Ergo Office.  One is smaller and is mobile, able to moved around to different rooms easily.  It would be great for a doctor or other professional who travels from room to room to meet with clients or patients.  This is a very attractive, well-built piece that is also affordable.  You can check it out or buy it here, and here are a couple pictures of it:


The second we have up so far is a higher end unit, with a motorized height      adjustment that silently raises the desk or lowers it with ease.  It can be positioned anywhere from 25" in height to 52" in height!  Its desk top is solid wood and the frame is very sturdy, with levelers on the legs to ensure an even, stable desk top regardless of where your desk is placed!  This is a NICE unit and I highly recommend it!  You can check out this desk and buy it on our site.  Here is a picture of it.

I think the sit-stand trend is here to stay, and I think many manufacturers will jump on this bandwagon, because this is a trend that enables people to work while having better posture, and it enables them to mix up the position in which they work.  These are things that office workers have been seeking for a long time!  Some are even trying to get a work out in while they work, as seen in this treadmill desk.  While I think that's a little overboard for most, the ability to sit or stand and change your position at a whim is something that many will find attractive.

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