Trend: Simple is In

Of all the computer desk trends that have become evident to us, one of the clearest trends is toward the simple.  Here are two of the more popular desks we sell:


As you can see, what stands out about these desks is that they are clean, simple designs.  While the desk on the left has more detail and more functionality (the CPU stand, the monitor stand, the keyboard tray, the shelving), both offer clean lines, open concept designs, and simplistic, modern looks.  This is what is most popular in the computer desk industry right now.  There is still a great demand for wooden executive desks, desks with hutches, u-shaped desks, solid wood desks, and all the standard stylings that have been popular for years.  People are used to their desks being wooden, and they are used to have storage within their desks, and that is not going anywhere any time soon.

But there is a growing demand for a desk not to serve every purpose but to serve the primary purpose of providing a flat area to get work done.  Going simple has the benefit of adding a clean, elegant piece to your home or office and avoiding the look of a busy, cluttered, bulky work space.  Even if you keep a large desk with drawers clean, it is always going to look more bulky and "busy" than a desk with a simple design like these.

One of the other factors pushing people toward this simple style is the boom of the laptop computer.  Even in the corporate world more and more executives are going to laptops and completely away from the desk top computer.  People often need less storage compartments for their CPUs, or designated space for their monitors and keyboards, because they are simply working on their laptops at their desks and using the rest of the desk for work space.

If you are looking for a desk, consider going simple.  It will add a more sleek look to your space, with a piece that is about more than functionality.  You can get all the functionality you need from stylish desks like these, and if you need more storage, it is always possible to add on bookcases or filing cabinets to stay organized.


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