Premium Sit or Stand Adjustable Desk in Cherry, Espresso, Walnut, or White

$ 580.00 $ 825.00

This desk has it all for those who need a high quality, mobile, ergonomic place to work! First, it is constructed of a premium, high quality steel frame that will stand up to daily use for years. It also boasts a nice wood top finished in your choice of cherry, espresso, walnut, or white. It rests on two wheels and two stationary posts, so you just tilt the unit slightly and can move it around the office or your home to wherever you need to work. It is also height adjustable, and can move down to 28" or up to 41" in height, meaning you can work while standing or sitting. This adds a great ergonomic feature, and standing some while working has health benefits. Finally, there is a handy storage shelf so you can keep your office items handy.

Its dimensions are 38" W X 20" D X 30.5-42.5" H.