Premium Treadmill Desk with Automatic Height Adjustment by LifeSpan (TR5000DT7)

$ 2,499.00 $ 3,499.00

Lose those holiday pounds while you're doing work. The desk top is 48" wide and 29" deep, generous enough to hold your laptop or monitor and even a printer. Cords are a non-issue with the wire management system. Plus, the console is located in front of the desk, so it won't encroach on your work space. Other perks include padded armrests and a premium treadmill display that includes Intelli-Step.

The treadmill belt is 56" X 20" and has six compression shocks. The drive motor is 3.0 HP High Torque, a Continuous Duty DC motor, and the speed can range from 0.4 mph to 4.0 mph. This treadmill is rated for 10 hours of daily use and for users up to 400 pounds. This is a fully commercial quality unit that needs no maintenance and will stand up to 10 hours of usage daily!

Other great features include electronic height adjustment so you can raise or lower the desk top with the touch of a button, as well as integrated Bluetooth technology so you can connect wirelessly to your computer and track the results of your exercise as you walk toward a healthier lifestyle.

The dimensions of the overall unit are 74" W X 47" D. The dimensions of the desk top are 48" W X 29" D X 36-52" H.