Premium Bike Desk with Automatic Height Adjustment (LSC3DT7)

$ 1,999.00 $ 2,499.00

This premium and unique bike desk from the smart design team at LifeSpan Fitness is another way to work while you burn some calories, a great step toward healthy living for those who must sit at a desk and work all week. It combines a quality stationary bike with a top-notch automatic height adjustable desk, and it integrates them together with a digital console with LED display to show you your level, calories burned, etc. It also comes with built in bluetooth technology so that after you install the associated fitness app, you will get immediate information downloaded to your devices with how many calories you've burned for the day and the progress you're making as you get in better shape.

The desk adjusts to accommodate anyone between 4'10" and 6'8", so you can find the perfect working height for you no matter your height. There are 19 different height options on the bike, and the desk can go to the exact height you want with its automatic, electronic adjustment. The seat is also extra cushioned for great comfort while you sit, work, and cycle, and there are 16 levels of resistance so you can work up as you get stronger. The rear mounted wheels on the bike enable easy transport, so you can move it around your office or home as you wish.

The dimensions of the bike portion are 21" W x 27" D x 36" to 46.5" H. The dimensions of the desk portion are 48" W X 29" D X 36-52" H.