Connexion Bordeaux & Slate or Slate & Sandstone L-shaped Desk with Hutch

$ 988.00 $ 1,378.00

We don't care how disorganized you are, this desk will get you in ship-shape for upcoming deadlines. Put priority equipment in the hutch compartments and utility drawers, and important files in the file drawer. Set up your monitor, calendar, and notes on the impossibly long desk top (which is melamine-laminated, by the way, for long-lasting beauty). A dust-free keyboard is finally possible with the retractable keyboard-and-mouse shelf. Plus, ten year warranty, anyone? More storage is available with the optional, matching file cabinet.

The desk's dimensions are 71" W X 82" D X 66" H. The dimensions of the filing cabinet are 30.8" W x 19.6" D x 30.4" H.