Sleek 72" Executive Office Desk with Concrete Patina Top

$ 1,144.00 $ 1,560.00

If you are looking for a stand alone piece different from the rest, with enough space for you to spread out and get work done, look no further. From the fine design team at JLA, this desk offers a one-of-a-kind top made of a combination of wood and concrete patina. This top is held up by a sturdy black metal frame with gunmetal finish.  The clean lines and unusual finishes of the piece will turn heads, and it also offers a huge work surface to spread out with files, plans, laptops, or whatever you are working on.  If you need to gather your team around to collaborate on a project, you can fit 6 to 8 around it easily, meaning this can double as a meeting table if needed.  Adding this great looking desk will certainly bring a fresh look to any office.

Its dimensions are 72" W X 36" D X 30.75" H.