48" Sit-Stand Electric Height Adjustable Office Desk in Chocolate (28" - 45" H)

$ 1,050.00 $ 1,249.00

By adding this desk to your office, you are adding not only a great looking desk with a clean, minimalist design.  You are not only adding a desk with premium quality, including a durable 1" commercial grade desk top coated with melamine to prevent scratches and stains.  You are also adding a desk on the cutting edge of current ergonomic trends, with an electric height adjustable desk top.  This enables you to sit and work with your arms at the perfect height, or to stand for periods to increase circulation and overall health.  The premium electric mechanism allows you to adjust the height of your desk quickly and quietly, and the top can go from 28" all the way up to 45".

Its dimensions are 48" W X 24" D X 28-45" H.