Ultra Modern 102" W Solid Wood Conference Table

$ 3,500.00 $ 4,722.00

Mobital has hit a grand slam with this modern, elegant conference table.  The unique base is made of solid ash, incredibly sturdy and also adding a unique, modern appeal to the table.  The top is also crafted from solid ash, but also features two strips of solid rowan wood to add further interest.  The woods are joined with butterfly joinery and the entire top is coated with an organic water based clear coat to ensure smoothness.  The edges are "live" and move in and out to reflect the true and natural wood edges.  This table is perfect to serve as the centerpiece of your office, and a wonderful place to gather your team for collaboration.

Its dimensions are 102" W X 37" D X 30" H.  (Depth of the top may waver between 33" & 37", due to the "live edge").